Open Transport: from data source to journey planner

Pieter Colpaert, Open Transport coordinator at Open Knowledge International, is presenting the Open Transport Working Group at Open Knowledge International. It's a group trying to resolve 3 issues: a vocabulary for the words used within route planning, awareness about open transport and being able to discover transport datasets.

Stefan de Konink, is an active open source contributor to "rrrr", the journey planner engine of Bliksem Labs. At Open Belgium he will discuss the architecture of data conversion for the journey planner, the engine and delivery of data to partner organisations such as big search engines. For example: how do we get the open data of TEC in Google Maps?

We will close the session with a panel on how we perceive opening up transport data from the user-side: what's the current status in The Netherlands and how does that compare to Belgium? The panel welcomes Thomas Hermine from NextRide (which will defend his focus points from his keynote in the plenary session in the morning) as third guest.


Pieter Colpaert

Open Knowledge Belgium

Researcher on Linked Open Data and actively promoting the Open Transport working group


Stefan de Konink

Stefan is the chairman of the Dutch OpenGeo Foundation and board member of the PlannerStack Foundation

Thomas Hermine

Thomas Hermine


Co-founder of NextRide