Open data tools & standards : how to bring open data to its full potential

Technical session available for all levels of expertise

Opening up data is not merely about putting raw files on a web server. For open data to reach its full potential, one should be able to easily discover and consume datasets, aggregate them into added-value mashups, and re-publish them. To achieve this, an open data strategy must involve the right tools and standards and put them to good use.

Speakers in this session will focus on three major aspects of such an open data workflow, namely discoverability and interoperability, transformation and aggregation. his session will give attendees an overview of some of the existing and upcoming techniques that can help them get the best out of the raw open data they are publishing.

Vincent Bombaerts, GIS expert at the Walloon Public Service, will describe how the INSPIRE European directive is being implemented in Wallonia, as an example of how interoperability standards are essential for the publication and discoverability of e-governmental data (geospatial data in this case).

Jan Vansteenlandt will introduce The Datatank, a data transformation and publication tool. This tool has seen first daylight 3 years ago and is now being used to publish data in cities such as Ghent, Antwerp and Kortrijk, used to semantify data at Westtoer, and used in combination with CKAN at the flemish data portal. This talk will shed light on how it works, what the benefits are compared to similar platforms, and how a business can be built around it.

Philippe Duchesne, from High Latitudes, will present best practices and emerging standards related to data aggregation. Going beyond the notion of linked open data, he will look at what can be done to break datasets into chunks, annotate them and stitch them together into added-value mosaics.


Jan Vansteenlandt

We Open Data

Co-founder We Open Data, building open data tools


Philippe Duchesne

High Latitudes

Software Architect at High Latitudes


Vincent Bombaerts

Geo coordinator at the Walloon Public Service