NextRide – TEC, the rise of a startup made possible by an open data initiative.

Next Ride is the perfect example of a Walloon startup made possible by an Open Data initiative taken by a public operator. TEC, the Walloon public bus operator announced opening up their data only a year ago during the first edition of Open Belgium. Today they already have a tangible case of how opening up data can benefit all the involved. stakeholders.

NextRide is a transit mobile companion, offering quick and user friendly access to TEC and STIB/MIVB bus, tram and subway timetables on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & on the web.

Thomas, co-founder of NextRide, will explain how ProchainBus, which started out as a student hacking project became NextRide, a startup ready to take off on the international market. And how this young team is now partnering with 2 out of the 4 Belgian transit agencies.

Thomas will show how open data, rather than a source of competition, can actually enlighten public services.


Antoine Patris


Network data manager at SRWT

Thomas Hermine

Thomas Hermine


Co-founder of NextRide