Local Data: Get your local open data here!

Keynote session / discussion for beginner and intermediate levels in local open data

While open data and broader open knowledge is something that affects all layers in society and government, we to tend to see a bottom up approach where municipalities and cities take the lead in Belgium. This makes a lot of sense, knowing that cities themselves are very closely linked to their citizens.

But how do you go from having no open data to engaging citizens to make actually use this data? In this session we want to explore how we can convince local governments to open up data sets and show show practical examples of how we put that local open data to good use.

This will not be a session where we take you through a 12 step process, but invite you to learn and discuss with other local government experts on how you can open up data and use it in an efficient way.

Wouter Degadt, open data expert within the intercommunal organisation Leiedal is helping 13 municipalities in West Flanders do that exact thing. During the conference he will guide you through how Belgian cities and organisations are taking the forefront of opening up their data and show the best practices and projects that try to support this mission. Wouter has been working on the European project Opening Up.


Bart Rosseau

City of Ghent

Part of the E-strategy team at the City of Ghent

Frank Butstraen

Frank Butstraen


Executive Director at FuturoCité -Mons


Mathias Van Compernolle


Junior reseacher at MICT - iMinds - UGent


Wouter Degadt


E-strategy and E-Government manager at Leiedal