This page is a gathering point for all the presentations of the Open Belgium Conference 2015. Do take note that some of the plenary session were speeches without presentations.

Plenary sessions

Open Data in Belgium – Michiel Mentens:
Open Data in Wallonia – Benard Rentier: No presentation
Panel with Federal and regional governments on open efforts: No presentation
Jörgen Gren on the European Digital Single Market: No presentation
INBO, (r)evolution towards an open research institute:
NextRide – TEC, the rise of a startup:

Break-out sessions 13:30

Open Transport – Pieter Colpaert:
Open Data Tools – Philippe Duchesne:
Open Data Tools – Jan Vansteenlandt:
Open Data Tools – Vincent Bombaerts:
Open Tourism: TBC
Open Culture – Maarten Brinkerink:
Open Culture – Delphine Jenart:

Break Out Sessions 15:30

Open Science: TBC
Local Data – Wouter Degadt:
Open Business – Tanguy De Lestré:
OpenStreetMap – Ben Abelshausen
OpenStreetMap – Jorieke Vyncke:
OpenStreetMap – Glenn Plas:
OpenStreetMap – Marc Gemis: