Raf Buyle


Raf holds a Masters Degree in Applied Engineering in ICT – Electronics and is involved in strategic e-Government projects for local and regional governments since 2002. As program manager at The Flemish Organization for ICT in Local Government, Raf took the lead, in close collaboration with the European Commission, in the development of a generic data standard for local governments in Flanders.

As an advisor in e-government strategy, Raf tries to implement a more rational, interoptable e-government, promoting open data, open standards and open processes. At this moment Raf is working on a new initiative: ‘bizLocator’. This joint initiative of local and regional governments and real estate agents wants to support entrepreneurs in their search for a new location.

Raf is also member of Open Knowledge Belgium. He’s active in the in the Open Data community, advocating Open Tourism Data.

Twitter: @rafke
Linkedin: Raf Buyle

Session leader of Open Tourism