Pieter Colpaert

Open Knowledge Belgium

Currently Pieter Colpaert is working on a PhD on linked open transport data at the MultiMedia Lab at iMinds. To put it simply,  he is researching how you can be better informed about your travel and daily commuting experience.

Before that, he has co-founded an umbrella organisation for open knowledge: a chapter of Open Knowledge called Open Knowledge Belgium. Open knowledge gathers terms like opengov, open science, open access, open source, and so on. While the philosophy has been around for a while, they believe it can be useful in a lot of other areas as well, leading to more innovation and better products in a world where everyone and everything is connected. He is chairman of the board of Open Knowledge Belgium and is leading the Open Transport working group.

In February 2012, he started FlatTurtle together with Yeri Tiete and Christophe Petitjean. With FlatTurtle they are building a product that will redefine digital signage and digital pinboards as we know it today by visualizing and interlinking public and internal data.

Linkedin: Pieter Colpaert
Twitter: @pietercolpaert

Session leader of Open Transport