Marc Portier


Marc Portier started off at Alcatel building embedded software for (first generation) Video On Demand systems streaming mpeg from scsi disks to ATM networks. Later he got involved in more system engineering work around a broadband service directory for large telco's.

That work got him into the "Internets" and seeing its potential for service delivery he left the telco (then non IP) oriented view on things in search for web based service delivery. This brought him into the first wave of the Belgian Web Developer scene ('96), building up experience on building web applications.

After the nineties web bubble burst, he founded Outerthought together with former colleague and friend Steven Noels. Outerthought takes a technical focus (and a cluetrain stand) in delivering competence support for development teams venturing into Open Source Java & XML.

Today Marc works as a civil servant with Westtoer. the organisation responsible for the promotion of Tourism (marketing, product and recreation development, support, consulting and knowledge gathering) in the province West Flanders. The area covers all of the Belgian coast, Bruges and surroundings, the "Flanders Fields" region and the valley of the "Leie". Within the organization my role is to normalize, organize, educate and inspire on the proper usage of modern digital (social, local, mobile) tools, techniques and opportunities.

Since 2013 he's also active as a volunteer in the CoderDojo movement. Using Scratch, some own extensions, some hardware tinkering and a growing batch of examples, challenges and approaches they hope to awaken slumbering ICT talent and creative joy within youngsters.

Panelist during the Open Tourism session