Laurens De Vocht

Laurens De Vocht


Laurens De Vocht obtained a Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering at the KULeuven in 2011 and specialized in human-computer interaction. After being active as software developer in an enterprise specialized in made-to-measure search engine solutions, he joined iMinds-UGent-MMlab in 2012 as a researcher and continues to focus on search in - and interactions with Linked Data.

Meanwhile, he has been involved in diverse related iMinds research projects. Laurens developed expertise in the standardization and the description of data semantics (such as OSLO in Flanders). His research interests include Web technologies and facilitating information access using Linked Data. He is mostly active in the application areas: e-Government, Tourism, Technology Enhanced Learning (Research 2.0).

Futhermore he has experience in implementing semantically driven software solutions for the industry, where at the moment he is investigating best-practices for linking data and distributing search queries in the context of medicine development.

Linkedin: Laurens De Vocht
Twitter: @Laurens_d_v

Speaker during Open Tourism