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Jorieke Vyncke

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Jorieke Vyncke is active on OpenStreetMap since 2010 and part of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). After doing research about the impact of mapping slums in Bangladesh during her studies, she was deployed in the Central African Republic, Cameroon and Senegal. Promoting and training local and international actors on OpenStreetMap; and setting up and supporting local OpenStreetMap communities was her main task.

In March 2014 she spent one week in Lubumbashi with MSF UK. By setting up an interaction between local volunteers of the University of Lubumbashi (collecting data on the field) and worldwide HOT volunteers (mapping with help of areal imagery on their computer), she made that Lubumbashi is not totally missing on the map anymore!

OSM: Jorieke V
Twitter: @zjwarie

Speaker during the OpenStreetMap session