Glenn Plas


Glenn Plas is leading a consultancy company BitLess, that has been juggling with OSM data since 2007 while developing mobile Track & Trace solutions for Synctrace. Ranging from tile servers, routers to geocoding solutions. At that time -unfortunately- the customer had to choose Google maps to produce a somewhat professional looking map. But by using the OSM data for geocoding purpose made it possible to save up to 60K dollars per year on geocoding fees. Around the end of 2010, OSM data got big enough that a switch was possible to use OSM for all geocoding and mapping activities. At the same time he turned from a consumer into a contributor by mapping his neighborhood and beyond. A few years later a huge opportunity arose to replace that arbitrary map solution when Google decided to replace their V2 maps api with V3. Realizing the liquid gold a solid, complete enough data set could produce , traffic layers got produced by combining the real-time data feed with OSM data.

Glenn has been a Open Source user, contributor and advocate since '98 and decided to totally focus on this 'niche' ever since then. OSM was a perfect extension of this ideology on the data side of the Open movement.

Website: Byte-Consult.be
Twitter: @glenn_plas

Speaker during the OpenStreetMap session