Frank Butstraen

Frank Butstraen


Frank Butstraen has more than 39 years of leadership experience building global IT solutions in the corporate enterprise space and guiding top-tier companies in developing IT portfolios. An accomplished corporate ICT strategist and architect, his vision and expertise in business/IT fusion have driven notable enterprise improvements in the the telecommunications, banking, industry, and manufacturing sectors.

His strategic approach to building sustainable solutions is reflected in his work as executive consultant for the IBM Consulting Group in different manufacturing (Cockerill Sambre, Nike, Philips) and banking organisations (KB, CERA, BBL, Fortis), where his concept of just-enough architecture and focus on workable solutions have rapidly delivered impressive bottom-line results.

After spending 1 1⁄2 year as Identity Management thought Leader for Novell responsible for Scandinavia, Benelux and Eastern Europe Frank re-joined IBM in the Global Business Services organisation in the GBS Benelux management team as a Sales Leader. In 2008 he became the GBS Communications sector leader for the Telco, Energy and Utilies and Media with a focus on the two major Telco players in Benelux i.e. belgacom and KPN.

Beginning of 2011 Frank became the Executive Account Partner for Belgacom.