7.Mundaneum-HD (101)

Delphine Jenart


Due to her Applied & Social Communication background Delphine has been the communication manager at the Mundaneum since 2004 and she’s worked as the deputy director since 2010. From 2008 to 2009 Delphine worked at the Walloon Government (health and social area) as a PR, and as a free-lancer in the local media television team. As the Mundaneum fundraiser today she’s in charge of managing the Google-Mundaneum partnership as it's one of the different partnerships, including public funding projects, the institution is running. She’s also policy designer and set up events as part of the institution’s policy (exhibits & conferences). She’s managing the communication strategy of the institution, does lectures about the Mundaneum “past & present” and publishes articles about the Mundaneum in light of the digital revolution.

Speaker during the Open Culture session